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Shell Schemes

Whether you need to fill an Exhibition Hall or conduct a small conference, SBX have a wide range of shell scheme options to suit your needs.


Island Booths  Showcase Island Pods  Maxima 3x3 Shell 1  Maxima  3x3 Shell 2  Cavity Wall Shell 

2x4 Octanorm Booth1  Inverted Cavity Booth 1  Inverted Cavity Booth 2  Cavity Booth 1  Cavity Booth 2   

Extended Octanorm Booth 1  Retail Booth 1  Showbag Display Booth  3x6 Booth, Slat Walls  Slat Wall Retail Booth

Registration Booth 1  Registration Booth 2  Registration Booth 3  Cavity Wall Booth  Double Stand

3x3 Booth 1  3x3 Booth 2  3x2 Booth 1  3x2 Booth 2  5x5 Booth

Zig Zag Scheme  Showcase Booth  Table Top Scheme    img-0321.jpg