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Stages, Seating & Outdoor

Whether you need a catwalk runway, presentation stage, small lounge area or large Outdoor arena, SBX has a range of options to suit your needs. 

Wave Wall Stage  Custom Graphic Stage 2  Custom Graphic Stage 1  Custom Stage 1  Custom Stage 2

900mm Catwalk Stage 1  Lecture Stage  Catwalk Runway 1  White Stage 1  White Stage 2

6mx12m Hoecker 1  6mx12m Hoecker 2  6mx12m Hoecker 3  6mx12m Hoecker 4  Hoecker Inside

Hoecker with Walkway 1  Hoecker with Walkway 2  3mx3m Easy Up  Hoecker Side Entry  Grass Stage Area

Carpet Tile Flooring Design  White Raised Floor with Seating  Text Walk Border with Seating  Lounge Booth  Lounge Area

Chill Zone 1  Chill Zone 2  Chill Zone 3   Audience Seating  window-decal-nccc.jpeg